Striped Baby Blanket – FINISHED!

I finished this little striped baby blanket today.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this was my first time using Bernat Baby Velvet yarn. As others have mentioned, it’s a bit slippery and floppy, so you really have to watch the tension as you’re working. However, it is SO soft, and really adds a nice contrasting texture to the design. I don’t think I’d like to work a whole project with it, but I’ll use it again in the future for trim and such.

Aqua and Lavender Baby Blanket

I whipped up this cute little granny square baby blanket recently for a dear friend who is expecting a little girl soon.

These are the colors she’s decorating the nursery, and I love the color combination. I don’t think I would have considered this palette on my own, but now it is one of my favorite patterns I have made to date! The yarn is Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in Baby Lilac and Sea Foam Print.

Crochet Nesting Bowls

I just love a good set of nesting bowls. They are perfect for collecting the random jewelry, hairbands, keys, and other odds and ends that seem to multiply like socks in the dryer, and they are cute to boot!

I made this set of nesting bowls as a “back up” hostess present for the various holiday parties over the winter. Does anyone else keep that sort of thing on hand for unexpected hostess/house warming gifts?

Crochet Emergency

Have you ever had a crochet emergency? It sounds like a thing that shouldn’t exist, but I’m currently experiencing it. I have a long distance friend who recently revealed that she’s expecting a baby NEXT MONTH.

Now, it’s her right to reveal that information whenever and to whomever she chooses, (or does not choose,) and she has a personal extremely valid reason for waiting to share, but it still leaves my with a crochet emergency. I always make a special baby blanket for each of the children born in my circle of friends and family, and now I’m on a deadline.

However, I do have some yarn tucked away in my stash that will be perfect. It’s Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in Baby Blue and White. Now, just to decide on a pattern, and then it’s time to get to work.

Project Linus

Have you ever made a blanket to donate to charity, or perhaps have some blankets you’ve made with no one to give them to?

Please consider donating them to Project Linus – they are a wonderful nonprofit that provides comforting, handmade blankets to children that are sick or in crisis.

I’ve made blankets for Project Linus off and on for a few years now, and I try to attend a local meeting at least once a year to help sort, label and package the donated blankets so they are ready to be sent out to the public. The wonderful volunteers there have always been so cheerful and determined to continue to provide blankets for the thousands of requests sent in each year. They swap patterns, show off finished projects, and work together to help children in need in a very quiet, anonymous way.

I’ve come to appreciate at another level after a friend’s child recently was diagnosed with leukemia. At one of her first stays in the children’s hospital, she was provided a blanket with a Project Linus label.

Have you ever had a project that just needed… a little something more?

I finished this baby blanket over the summer, and I really love the color combination of oatmeal and sage green. However, when I finished and held it up, it just felt a little plain.

I had made it in a granny square pattern, so adding embroidery didn’t seem like a good solution with the larger holes between clusters. So, I had to think a little. I took some inspiration from those cake plates with the holes meant to weave in ribbon or tulle, like this one, and wove some of the sage green yarn through the oatmeal border – perfect!

Cute Granny Square Baby Blanket

Here’s a cute granny square baby blanket I finished a while back.

I don’t remember the type of yarn, unfortunately, as it was some I’d bought in a Michaels clearance sale months ago. It had been languishing in my yarn stash until I realized how beautifully it worked up in a classic granny square style. This is a nice chunky yarn, so it worked up quickly and has a heft to it – it will just be so warm and cozy for some sweet munchkin out there.